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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ Walking into the kitchen from the entry/stair hall meant walking between the oven and refrigerator handles and the side of a pantry.
~ The cramped effect was so pronounced that the client referred to it as her "tunnel."
~ Landon was the 5th designer the client called, greeting him with the words, "I don't think you can help me..."

Wish List

~ Get rid of the tunnel!
Solutions and Gains
~ By removing the closet-style pantry and replacing it with a cabinet full of pullouts, the room opened up visually.
~ With the powder room directly next to the kitchen, it was a simple matter to add a chef's sink by the cooktop.
~ Installing the oven below the counter unifies the kitchen by not breaking up the counter edge.
~ Two offset ells create work zones outside the traffic pattern through the kitchen.
~ Angling the cooktop leg opens up the kitchen.
~ The custom hood evokes the feeling of a hearth.

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