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Solutions and Gains
~ Landon drew upon his experience in SE Alaska, having designed and fabricated over 20 projects in SE Alaska.
~ His Alaskan clients wanted wall space on which they could display art -- their "view" during the long winter nights. 
~ For this client, he relocated the laundry and grouped the refrigerator, ovens and pantries on the east wall.
~ Cabinets had either drawers or pullouts on full-extension guides, optimizing their ability to store items.
~ Removing all the wall cabinets created room to add a bank of windows.
~ One of the artist's paintings is now featured on a new "gallery wall." 
~ Counters in granite, bounded by stainless steel edging make for easy maintenance.
~ Cabinets have high-gloss laminate faces with an embossed diagonal "pillowed" striping across the faces.
   This reflects more light and is easy to wipe clean.
~ Maple floors connect to the woodsiness of their surroundings.

The new light-filled kitchen now welcomes family and guests to gather.

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