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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ Climbing (literally) into the tub usually meant hitting your head on the ill-placed beam.
~ Opening windows was quite a chore--climb into your tub first!
~ Twin vanities had inadquate counter space.
~ Standing at the vanities disconnected you from your sweeping water views.
~ The shower was set back deep in the room.
~ The toilet was right next to it and visible in the left vanity's mirror.
Wish List
~ "What can you do to connect us to our views?"
~ A welcoming shower.
~ A discreet toilet compartment.

Solution & Gains

Most obvious--the couple now thoroughly enjoy their view!
~ The seat at the end of the curved vanities lets one sit and chat with the other.
~ The heated floor quickly evaporates any stray drops of water that make it over the shower wall.
~ Hand mirrors suffice for viewing, as there is a full-length mirror close at hand.

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