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~ The windows were all on the north (sink) wall, one behind the sink, another where the new double doors are. 
~ There were no windows on the east wall.
~ A walk-in pantry in the corner crowded the refrigerator. 
Wish List
~ More light.
~ More storage! (Reachable)
~ Use this 5'-diameter maple counter from Urban Hardwoods.
Solution & Gains
~ Landon recommended bumping out the kitchen, flush to an existing nook. 
~ He also recommended eliminating an awkward corner pantry and replaced the storage with a single, pullout-filled cabinet! (See below.)
~ Next, he recommended structuring the outside walls and cabinetry to accommodate clerestory windows. By using 30"-deep counters, 15'-deep upper cabinets were possible. This, in turn, allowed them to stop at 6', creating room for the clerestory windows above.
~ The extra-deep counters allowed us to to set the dish cabinets around the sink at only 10" off the counter! There's still plenty of room in front of them when the counters get cluttered during cleanup.

The corner pantry, left of the refrigerator, was moved to the taller, deeper cabinet under the stairs (to the right of the refrigerator).
The five pullouts inside this cabinet are shown below right and held everything that formerly took up an entire corner!
Extra-deep drawers!
Six stacks of pots and pans will fit in a drawer under 30"-deep
counters! Note that the top drawers are 189mm  (7-7/16") tall, enabling drawers inside drawers. The scooped chef's drawer holds all kinds of stuff that would otherwise be on the counters.
Pullouts (42"-wide x 28"-deep)

These five pullouts are 42"-wide x 28"-deep. They hold all the goods that were formerly in a walk-in pantry, left of the refrigerator.
5'-diameter, solid maple eating bar  
A dramatic 5'-diameter solid maple eating bar from Urban Hardwoods!

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