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At some point, clients typically ask, "How much should I budget for my kitchen remodel?" Without some decisions--at least "placeholders"--that question cannot be reasonably answered. That said, whatever the client commits to the "hard costs" of their remodel does predict where their overall budget is likely to land. There are five "buckets" into which funds get allocated:
1) Appliances;
2) Cabinets;
3) Surfaces (Counters, floors, backsplashes);
4) Fixtures (Sinks, faucets, lighting); and,
5) Millwork (windows and doors).
Using this approach, I was asked by Kitchen & Bath Ideas magazine to prepare a Value budget and a Custom budget for the exact same floor plan. The editors presented the material a bit differently, yet the concept remains: Your hard costs set a baseline that predicts how much you'll likely invest in your remodel.
In the "Value" kitchen budget, note that the entire appliance package costs less than the range alone in the "Custom" kitchen! The faucet was $1000 more, etc. These kind of selections predict the nature of the remodel; the kind of neighborhood around the home; and the ripple effect of the client's decisions; all affecting their overall budget. Filling your five "buckets" with about $17,000 in hard costs, predicts a $40,000-$50,000 remodel.

In the "Custom" kitchen budget, the appliance "bucket" alone is almost double the Value kitchen above. Filling your "buckets" with $70,000 in hard costs, predicts a $140,000-$150,000 remodel is being planned.

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