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The owner of this stunning Clyde Hill remodel in Craftsman style had an opening in a difficult location that could not be changed (due to pocketing doors), as well as a room too narrow for a reasonable island. Landon solved the problem by eliminating the cabinets on the north wall and insetting a "sideboard" with a tilt-down counter that can be used to expand counterspace, when desired. He also created a dramatic presentation for the cabinets by lifting the cabinets up on wenge-trimmed legs. This also gave more storage by using most of the toe kick! The dishwasher was integrated into the island.

In this picture, you can see the ledge on which a 

drop-down counter rests. See the pictures below.

The toe kick space is used for storage in this innovative 
approach to handling the base cabinet configuration. 
A chef's sink is seen next to the cooktop.
The kitchen is now full of light and welcomes family and guests to gather.
Counters in granite and stainless steel add to the drama.

The sideboard is recessed into a 2x6 wall! 
The center section is a drop-down countertop.
The drop-down countertop invites cookie making and handles 
increases in what designers refer to as "volume" -- the capacity
of a kitchen to accommodate both a small number of users
and then expand to handle a large gathering.

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