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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ This top-floor condominium was sectioned into three boxes.
~ A hallway between the dining and living room brought guests past the kitchen, looking in at their hosts like spectators at the zoo!
~ The kitchen did not connect to either the dining or living room and was disconnected from the greenhouse window's light.
~ Of course, storage was inadequate.
Wish List
~ Open up the space!
~ Upgrade everything, especially our range. We want it to be something more professional.
~ Make our guests and us comfortable hanging out.
~ Change our entry so everyone feels more welcome.


~ The door to their unit opened between the kitchen and the circular stairs to the rooftop deck above and bedrooms below,
    restricting changes.

~ Where could coats be closeted?
~ How could we remove the walls enclosing the kitchen?
~ How could the kitchen have a function austerity and warm formality?
Solutions and Gains
~ Arriving guests are now welcomed by a glowing art glass café table and banquette-style dining area. (See second row below.)
~ Angling the plan created a 12'-long tapered shelf in the living  behind a sectional sofa. This turns guests slightly away from the kitchen,
   towards the views, but not so much that they feel they have to swivel their heads to converse. (See third row below.)
~ The angling also provided a way to break up a nearly 22'-long wall of cabinetry. 
~ Care was taken to integrate the AV components into the design and to conceal the refrigeration.
~ Scaling the sheens in the room from gloss to matte gives a comfortable naturalness to the space.
~ The functionality of laminate-faced cabinets and stainless steel counters is offset by the rich furniture-like wood elements.

In the work zones, the practicality of Wilsonart Hi-Def laminate is appreciated!

An illuminated café table and padded banquett welcome you to sit and chat. Coats are now hung on the back of 
the partial wall behind the banquette. The partial wall also screens views of the powder room/laundry.

At night with most lights turned off, the café table glows.

The powder room counter uses the floor
tile, banded with stainless steel.
The angles of 
the mirror match the sconces.

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