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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ The home was divided by a raised kitchen.

~ The raised platform left a 7' ceiling and created a pronounced separation between the living room and dining room.

~ As hosts, they looked down their noses,
in effect, at guests below.

~ Those sitting in the adjacent rooms were hemmed in by the backside of the cabinets, rising literally above their heads.

~ As you entered, the home was completely disconnected from its woodland site.

~ The feeling was institutional, not residential, to the owners.

~ The dining room was isolated in a corner with an off-center coffered ceiling.
~ The living room was cavernous.

~ The tremendous ceiling height was quite the contrast to the low, low ceiling of the kitchen.

~ The room's size positioned guests far apart.

~ Behind the built-in unit, there was a bonus room-- with no connection to the rest of the home! 
Wish List
~ Do something to connect the spaces!
~ Connect us to the room behind the built-ins.
~ Do something about the cavernous living room.

Solution & Gains
~ Landon recommended relocating the kitchen to the north end of the home and removing the raised platform.
~ Secondly, he showed them his Ridge Home Room Shifts project which had a similar cavernous living room and pointed out how creating a balcony on both sides of the room transformed the space.
~ Next, he proposed removing the built-in and connecting the bonus room to the living room. 


Main counters are in "Helix"  from the Nebula Code series by Silestone with the suede finish.
Barn doors slide open to reveal a "desk" counter, recharging station, and their pantry.
~ The live edge counter connects the home to the woodland surroundings, complete with a stream running a few feet away!

~ The display cabinets are made of high-gloss acrylic.

~ Cabinets have the Carbone thermally- structured surface (TSS).

Note the lift-up appliance garage door!
Deeper counters permit a 15"-deep wall cabinet.
That, in turn, enables a useful depth cabinet with bypassing doors.

Note the Landon-design pullout hood! It disappears when not in use.
The extension also provides better coverage of the cooktop.
The new west-facing window enlightens what otherwise would be a dark corner.
~ With human-scale (not plywood-driven) countertop depths (30"), a sink can be quite large and not need as much side-to-side counterspace.

~ The professional gantry faucet covers more of the sink. This counter is in orbital-finish stainless steel.

~ Note how the SS counter turns up to exactly match the surround counters. How nice to not have grout or caulk to clean!

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