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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ This bath was inadequate for two girly girls.
~ The counter was only clean because we were about to remodel!
~ Before there were piles of makeup and grooming aids on the counter, even on the floor!

~ Storage was obviously lacking... 
~ Each girl has two shallow drawers for makeup pencils, brushes, etc.
~ The wall-mounted faucet keeps splashed water from collecting around it. Before there was little room to fit your hand in behind the valve and spigot.
~ The counter stays clean because there is so much storage!

~ We even added storage above the toilet.

The undermount sink and wall-mount faucet
make it much easier to keep the counters clean!
The colors in the engineered stone
are echoed in the glass tile insets.

The furniture legs give the bath a more formal feeling
and soften the corners.

Glass insets echo the counter's colors.
The delicate detailing in the tile suits the two girls perfectly.

The over-the-john unit gives storage for toilet
paper and other sundries.

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