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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ This room was actually a closet off the kitchen, used as a pantry!
~ The original powder room opened directly into the kitchen! (It was converted into a wine storage room. View this home at Floating On Air.)
~ Due to terazzo floors, the plumbing could not be moved.
Wish List
~ A discreet powder room.
~ Storage in the room for toilet paper and other accoutrements.
~ Sound-proofing (since the home had an open floor plan).
Solutions & Gains
~ Landon saw that two existing rooms--powder and pantry-- could be flipped.
~ The pantry could then become a wine room due to the increased storage capacity of the kitchen.
~ By using a wall-mount toilet, the plumber could rotate the toilet 180-degrees and still connect the waste pipe to the original flange on the floor.
~ The original powder room sink plumbing was abandoned and the new drains connect to the same waste pipe, running laterally behind the cold-rolled steel toe kick box.
~ The new sink is stainless steel and integrated into the 10"-deep counter.
~ An enclosure of cold-rolled steel also conceals the toilet tank.
~ The contractor fabricated a custom flush lever.
Stainless steel counter 10"-deep

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