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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ The kitchen's island was far too small. Look at how little counterspace there was around it.
~ The shallow (standard-depth) counters contributed to clutter.
~ It was disconnected from the dining room. 
~ Storage was inadequate.
~ The light "feature" and refrigerator were the main aesthetic attractions.
Wish List
~ "All five of us cook in the kitchen together. Set it up to accommodate that."
~ "We love materials with more character."
~ "We'd like to use our dining room more."

Solution & Gains

~ By bumping out the home to align with an existing eating nook, the necessary room for a larger kitchen was created.
~ This, in turn, made it possible to change the entry stairs, creating a much nicer entry.
~ Instead of an expensive steel beam to handle the load bearing aspects of the remodel, Landon turned a post into a feature!
~ The family enjoys exploring other culture's foods. Therefore, they needed much more spice storage. Look at the end of the Sub-Zero.
~ A hand-scraped, wide-plank Carlisle chestnut floor is the background for 5/4-thick, knotty cherry Aristocratic cabinetry, a J-shaped walnut eating bar scribed to fit around the post, and fir-lined Loewen windows.
~ Base cabinets are extra-deep with drawers that are 24"- and 27"-long, effectively doubling usable storage under the counters.
~ Deeper counters mean more usable counter wherever someone is working. More usable storage means less clutter.
~ This permits wall cabinets that are 15"-deep, giving 25% more storage in the same amount of frontage. 
Four Wood Kitchen
Chef's sink on island
J-shaped walnut eating bar
Abundant storage features

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