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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ Walking down the steps of this split-level home, initially all that greeted you were walls: the wall at the bottom of the stairs, the wall above the windows and doors, the wall above the sink in the kitchen—also full of cabinets, forcing you to stoop to see outside.
~ There was a massive chimney that dominated the space.
~ There was very little sense of connection to the yard and the views.
Wish List
~ Open up my home to the views.
~ Raise the counters--they are too low.
~ Connect me to my yard.
~ Give me good ventilation over my cooktop. My downvent doesn't cut it.

Solution & Gains
~ Landon recommended raising up the door and window headers into the rim joist of the second floor above.
~ To create more flexibility in how the space was used and to contain smoke, etc., created during broiling, a scullery was created by enclosing a space under the second floor, behind the fireplace.
~ This room also became a center for wine, coffee, drinks, and baking!
~ Now when you descend the stairs, you immediately connect the view. 8' ceilings feel like they are 9'-tall!
~ A J-shaped island created traffic patters that leave the chef undisturbed, even as traffic runs through the kitchen.
~ A unique counter detail raised the counters without the expense of custom-height cabinets. That said, all the counters were made deeper to offer drawers with 6" more length than industry standard! Storage effective doubled, due the increased ability to nest items in the drawers.

Raising the headers above the doors and windows opened up this kitchen!

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