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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

Where is the harmony between a husband who wants "Industrial Chic" and a wife who requests "Traditional Cozy?" ass and metal vs. wood and stone? Hard vs. Soft? And only 55 square feet is available?
Sketch by Kathleen Wright
This sketch shows the direction the design headed:
  •  "Soft" elements to the left, including a traditional "washstand" with a marble top, a Manhandle holding the hand towel, and two towels hanging without folds, artisan-made cabinet knobs in the shape of hearts; and whimsical mural in the style of Jamie Johnson;
  • "Hard" elements to the right with stainless steel piping coming up from the floor; a faucet mounted on top of this same pipe element and on the edge of a pane of glass; twin-rail light track; custom-made, tab-shaped cabinet pulls; and a metal-framed mirror.
Her Side with Temple Mirror
Her side features mural painted in the style of Jamie Johnson.
Cabinetry: Nygard's Custom Cabinetry
His Side
His side features arc-shaped elements & the "throne."
Both sides feature "Fior di Pesco Carnico" marble

In the pictures above, note:
- How the
faucet is mounted on the edge of a 3/8"-thick pane of glass with an integrated "nite light;"
- How
the filtered water spigot is concealed, plus the custom facecloth holder next to it;
- How a niche is cut into the side of the linen cabinet for shampoo, etc.;
- How a CD-storage unit is used as a medicine cabinet;
- How two drawer fronts are mounted on one deep drawer for holding makeup and taller items;
- How a niche holds the scale!
Swimming Upstream
Metaphor for life: Swimming upstream!
Clothes & Jewelry Pullouts
Sweaters & two pullouts with jewelry inserts

Custom Pants Pullout
Custom pants pullout (20 pairs)

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