Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

This Pratt Institute-trained local artist wanted her kitchen to reflect her love of textures, yet have "bullet-proof" countertops. Using Pyrolave on her island countertop  (a French enamelled lavastone) and stainless steel accomplished that. To make it more inviting for guests and family to sit and chat, the peninsula is made of zebrawood. (Much warmer on the elbows than SS or stone!) We also used limestone with a special sealant on the floors -- heated, of course. 

Landon suggested moving up the header about their kitchen windows into the rim joist above enabling them to add 6" to their window heights. Her tall husband enjoys not having to bend down to see the sky! Note how the header above the refrigerator echoes this and brings light from the dining room window into the kitchen, as well. Light from two different sky directions stimulates three different glands in our bodies and physiologically causes us to feel better. A very good thing in the middle of winter in Seattle!

Note the non-standard counter depths and drawer heights. The counters are 38" high, enabling a taller toe kick and very usable drawers in them. Landon drew extensively upon his cabinet-making background, as he prepared the shop CAD drawings for these cabinets. He worked to half-millimeter tolerances and stacked four layers to create this kitchen. He later brought his tools and worked alongside the cabinet installers to assure the results would meet his above-industry standards.
Counters in orbital-finish stainless steel, Pyrolave, and zebrawood

Landon's knowledge of decorative hardware
led to using these artisan-made SS pulls.

Note how shapes and materials echo and play off each other,

like a musical composition, especially when you are in the space.
For example, the zebrawood responds to the "voicing" 
of the pre-existing, walnut-inlaid wood floor,
while echoing its linearity and coloration, as a counterpoint
is played by the ribbed glass on the walls.

Pull-out spice racks flank the 
Miele coffee center and Miele steam oven.

Deeper counters mean deeper drawers, even in the toe kicks.
These are 24" front-to-back. Look how much they hold!

The drawer under the cooktops is even deeper! 30"-deep! One drawer will hold as much as two because you can nest pots and pans easier.
Note the drawers under the sink to hold trash and recycle bins,
as well as scrub pads and brushes.

Note the ribbed glass on the walls
and the built-in sink with drainboard!

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