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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ Kitchen was surrounded by massive soffits and columns.
~ A chaotic lighting system distracted all who entered!
~ Access to the deck was blocked by only have a sliding door, instead of having a wide opening.
~ Equipment was dated.
Levels Above
Levels Above from former nook
Wish List
~ Open up the kitchen to the views.
~ Clean up the lighting.
~ Design around all the appliances we have already purchased!
~ With eleven appliances, we'd like to not feel like the kitchen is an appliance showroom!
~ A separate area in the kitchen for a wine-oriented eating bar.

Solution & Gains
~ Landon located five of the appliances--that could not be fully integrated--on the side of the islands that face away from the view.
~ Not only does this make them more discreet, it also creates a sense that one side of the island is more focused on working and the other side is more for guests and family to me with you, yet not in the way.
~ To support working on the appliance-rich side of the islands, there is a sink on the main island and a pot filler above the stove.
~ With limited counterspace flanking the range, extra-deep counters give the necessary room to work.
By running a level of glass-door cabinets above the main ones and replacing the pantry door with a bamboo-faced pocket door, Landon unified the north wall of the kitchen.
This also concealed an awkward niche in the far right corner of the kitchen where the wall dipped back.
~ To complete the kitchen, understated counters were chosen and combined with a dramatic bubbly tile. Its randonmess is a a visual counterpoint to the linearity of the bamboo cabinets.

Levels Above from the Dining Room
From nook

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