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Trends magazine published this project in their Kitchen Trends, Vol 25, No. 5, issue. Click on the cover image to read their article and see even more pictures. 

~ Wall cabinets
    - Interfered with all conversation with guests.
    - Blocked the owner's view of the green belt.
    - Split the room into three sections: kitchen, dining room, and nook.
~ The dining room was the landing spot for everything coming into the home from the garage. 
~ Storage was strewn through the home--some, downstairs, some, in the garage--some even in the kitchen... 
Wish List
~ Of course--"These wall cabinets have to go!"
~ Incorporate a plank of elm, found at Urban Hardwoods. 
~ What can we do to get more storage?

~ With the wall cabinets removed, a floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace now dominated the room, leading the owner to want to reface it.
~ Wood cabinets and wood paneling everwhere.
~ The door to the garage opened directly into the dining room, bringing with it all its associated odors.

Solutions and Gains
~ By taking a portion of the back of the garage and a bit of the deck, a laundry room/pantry was created. Smells are now kept at bay.
~ The kitchen could now be re-oriented along the N-S axis of the space and the dining room shifted to in front of the windows.
~ The posts were integrated into the new cabinets. A beverage refrigerator was, thereby, concealed near the dining room and deck.
~ The elm plank found its way into the composition, skewed an angle that matched the ceiling's slope. It floats above the "Mocha" Paperstone counter, permitting more of counter to be used.

~ Base cabinets are extra-deep with drawers that are 24"-long, effectively doubling usable storage under the counters.
~ The oblong shape of the bricks is echoed in the oblong slots in the perforated steel doors.
~ Hakatai 1"-square glass tiles create yet another texture that relates to both the texured surface of the "Crystalline Iris" Wilsonart Hi-Definition laminate and brick.
~ Yarn-like glass continues the textural theme. 

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