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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

This bungalow had the classic floor plan where you entered off the porch directly into the living room on the left and the dining room on the right. In the rear of the home were two side-by-side bedrooms. Stuck in between were the kitchen, bath, and stairs to the basement. As a result, the kitchen was completely disconnected from the lovely "pocket" backyard. It was also cramped when the owner hosted more than one guest! 

Landon used his Designed by L.I.F.E. process to resolve these issues and open up the bungalow, both within and without.   

~ Storage was obviously lacking... 
A new arched opening connects the front rooms to the back.
Looking into the kitchen from arched opening, note the cafe-table nook,  looking out into the garden.
By repeating the existing window above the kitchen sink,

more light enters the kitchen and creates an inviting 'journey' to the backyard.
The kitchen is now full of light and welcomes family and guests to gather.

 The raised white-painted cabinet serves as the owner's pantry.
Note the clerestory windows above the bulletin board.
They preserve the 
presence of light coming into the now five-foot narrower bedroom from the south.
Counters in stainless steel by Metal Masters Northwest, butcher block, and paint play off each other.
Maromoleum floors connect to the various elements together.

Full-tiled walls add a practical, textural quality
to the room and enhance the "open up" effect.
The range is by Viking Range.

Details matter!

By recessing the refrigerator into a re-configured hall closet, Landon minimized its protrusion into the kitchen. 
The French cofee press resides in a niche thereby created.

A chef's drawer for cooking oils, wines, etc!

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