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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ Wall cabinets hung down over a peninsula, blocking conversations with family and friends.
~ Access to their patio was blocked by the same peninsula and the kitchen table in front of the French doors.
~ Accessing the refrigerator not only blocked the passage between the kitchen and dining room, it backed up the user into the side of a cabinet.
Wish List & Challenges
How would you reconcile the lives of a couple who had grown up in entirely different worlds? He was raised on the East Coast, wears bow ties -- in Seattle, no less, had pictures of him from his days as a member of the rowing team at an Ivy League school, and had half shells of boats on the walls of his office. She was raised on the beaches of Hawaii, the daughter of a military man. Her world of lush greenery was seen through wide-open doors and was full of the colors and textures of the beach: sand and tumbled glass. His world was formal, hers, relaxed. He loved the stained, rich colors of cherry; she wanted the painted cabinets of her childhood.
Glass was used to create a sense of connection between various design elements: ovens, wine refrigerator, cabinets, and window wall.

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