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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ Kitchen  was tucked back in a corner, not feeling connected to the adjacent family room.
~ The sink was off in the corner, in front of a north-facing window, looking at the neighbor's fence and the side of their house!
~ A long, skinny island forced their family gatherings into "bumper cars"-mode, as everyone circled around it.
~ The path to the patio (and BBQ) cut through the end of the kitchen, causing even more congestion during their frequent family gatherings.
~ Storage was obviously lacking... 
West end of kitchen
East-facing doors (future window & sink location)
Wish List
~ Work the same magic you did when you did our last home.
~ Get rid of the soffits.
~ Two ovens, trash compactor.
~ More storage! A pantry would be weclome.
~ An eating bar that makes conversation easy.

Solution & Gains
~ Landon recommended shifting  the pathway to the patio to around the corner--off the family room, instead of the kitchen.
~ To invite family and guests to sit and chat, he shaped the eating bar into a hug-like curve.
~ Landon created a new pathway into the kitchen, through a new walk-in pantry. Using sliding store doors was much less costly than cabinets.
~ Sliding doors on the one wall cabinet put all the dishes within reach for plating food.
~ The hood is concealed in the floating shelf. The shelf, in turn, shifts our attention away from the view pathway of the neighbor's fence.
~ Landon developed a layout that worked around the existing skylight, using it to advatage with the microwave cabinet. See below.
The two ovens are set side-by-side for easy access. The lower rack is at counter height.

The hall to the laundry and garage now has a door (formerly a closet) into the walk-thru pantry. See the pantry 3 rows below.

The 10'-long storage section of the pantry also has cabinets faced with Wilsonart's Hi-Def laminate, a bake center at the end, and a communications center with a broom-closet cabinet to the right.

A combination of shallow and deep storage perferctly suits spices. The angled end panel provides a location for switches.

With the hood's canopy retracted, it is out of the way. With it extended, fumes are collected better than with fixed-depth hoods.

 LED under cabinet lighting provides uniform light levels. "Polka dot" reflections are avoided with leather-finished White Russian stone.

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