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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ The powder room was cramped and right off the kitchen
~ Storage was inadequate, as it only had a pedestal sink.
~ No natural light entered the room, giving an occupant the feeling of being in a closet.
Wish List
~ More privacy.
~ Storage.
~ Natural light would be nice.

Solution & Gains
~ Landon rearranged the floor plan, making significant changes without adding square footage.
~ The existing dining room was relocated and the entry shifted into its former space.
~ The stairs were changed from a "straight shot" to a U-shape. This created a landing from which mountain views can be enjoyed.
~ The powder room was relocated to a space between the former dining room and living room, doubling in size.
~ A small hall was gained, leading into the powder room, increasing privacy immeasurably. 
~ Now on the outside wall, a window could be added.
~ Angled cabinetry echoes the shapes of the mountain outside.
~ The upper unit was built with niches running up the side. Rolled, white towels reference patches of snow that often dapple the cliff faces.

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