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Client Profile
~ A couple with grown children
~ A waterfront home with sweeping views of Puget Sound
~ Both had careers in the medical profession


~ A structural steel post aggravated the homeowner and interfered with enjoying the view
~ Kitchen cut off from home's 180-degree view of Puget Sound
~ Disconnected kitchen and dining room
~ Inadequate storage and inconvenient pantry 
Wish List
~ "Get rid of the post!"
~ A large professional-style range
~ Get done in time for our daughter's wedding
~ Orient the kitchen more to the site's views
~ Connect the kitchen to the dining room

Solution and Gains
~ Instead of spending approximately $30,000 to alter three stories to remove a structural post, Landon proposed re-orienting the kitchen.
~ To connect the kitchen to the view, we removed the walls between the kitchen and adjoining rooms.
~ Two new posts anchor a long clean-up counter and give the original post context.
~ The dominance of the original post is greatly diminished by connecting it to a circular soffit above and the arc of the bar.
~ The soffit serves as a collector for an extra-powerful hood--echoing extraction methods used in restaurants.
~ Base cabinets are extra-deep with drawers 24"- and 27"-long, effectively doubling usable storage under the counters.
Spinning Plate Kitchen
The bothersome column is now part of the overall composition. This kitchen was deemed the best kitchen in the state of Washington by the Master Builders Association in their annual contest.
27"-long drawer guides provide maximum storage!
27"-long drawer guides add 6" more usable length to the drawers!

Look how much more a drawer can hold!
The radiused corners on the tall cabinets welcome you to touch! Note the double edgebanding on the cabinet doors. The inner band has an 1/8" cove on it. The outer band is 5/16"-thick with a full bullnose.
Tall, shallow end cabinet is perfect for glassware & mugs
Tall, shallow end cabinets are perfect for storing glassware and mugs.
The copper-toned Hakatai tiles on the backsplash blend with the African ribbon mahogany.
The copper-toned Hakatai tiles on the backsplash blend with the African ribbon mahogany.
Swing-Up Mixer Shelf
Next to the swing-up mixer shelf is a 27"-long drawer that holds oven glassware.
Looking into the kitchen from the back patio at night!
Looking into the kitchen from the patio at night shows how its lines reflect the home's shapes.

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