RLD LOGO STORAGE SOLUTIONS Over the years, storage solutions have become a specialty of Landon's.
This page displays a sampling of his innovative approach to fitting the design to his client.
(This is a long page...) Most images are linked to the projects in which they are found.
Unusually Useful Drawers.
Storage under stairs
Drawers under stairs in kitchen!
24"-long (deep) toe kick drawers

Toe kick drawers! They are 24"-deep, front to back...
3" longer than most standard kitchen drawers!
Charging drawer
A "recharging" drawer!
Toaster Drawer
A toaster drawer!

A handy printer drawer!

The cats get their own toe kick drawer!

Specialty flour & sugar bins with tight-sealing lids!
U-shaped drawer fits around the sink!
The drawer fits around the sink!

Baths need unique drawers, too!

What a perfect place to store all those wraps! In the toe kick drawer.
Interesting Pullouts.
Arched top pullouts in scullery
Arched-top pullouts, 24"-deep, in pantry.
Five pullouts replace an entire corner walk-in pantry!
Five 42"-wide x 27"-deep pullouts (1/2"-thick bottoms)
They hold everything that formerly was strewn about a corner walk-in pantry.

A cupboard full of pullouts
above a concealed warming drawer!
A drawer behind a drawer front
A pullout is stacked above a silveware drawer, 
giving a second layer to hold lesser-used items
Chef's Drawers

Chef's drawer with utensils & double fronts!
Chef's drawer
Chef's drawer
Chef's drawer
A 12"-wide chef's drawer is very useful.
Chef's drawer
Chef's drawer
Corner Pullouts.
Corner storage
Corner pullouts. Note that the triangular "corners" 
flanking the pullouts are also usable.
Lazy Susan Corner
Lazy susan corner with no post!
Corner storage pullouts
Another version of corner pullouts, 
typically used for small appliance storage.
Blind corner pulloutsCorner Bypassing Pullouts
Corner bypassing pullouts.
(Note the one in the right blind corner with the bowls on it.)
Drawers for Pots & Pans.

Two cooks each get their own extra-deep (24" front-to back) pots-and-pans drawer!
Extra-deep pullouts; chef's drawer, drawer inside drawer
Six stacks of pots and pans fit inside a 27"-deep drawer under 30"-deep counters, a chef's drawer hold stirring utensils, a drawer-inside-a-drawer holds most of the small items the cook needs near the rangetop.

Top drawer is extra tall and deep, putting
pots and pans within easy reach!
30"-deeep drawers hold five stacks of pots and pans! 
A 30"-wide x 30"-deep drawer under a cooktop
holds five stacks of pots & pans, instead of only two or three in the standard 21"-deep drawer!
Trash and Recycle Solutions.
Pullouts under the sink for trash and recycle. 
Pullouts under a custom sink for trash, recycle, & sponges.
Vinyl-clad drawers do not need to be lined.
Recycle bins
Recycle pullout.
Trash pullout
Pullout under sink with door attached permits the use of a standard waste bin.

Note the junk drawer sharing space with the trash and recycle pullout bins!
Spice Storage.
 Spice rack in column
A column opens up to become a spice rack!
Stair-Step Spice Storage
Stair-step spice storage!
Pull-out Spice Rack
Pull-out spice storage!
Pullout Spice Racks
Spice pullouts, flanking a coffee center & speed oven.

A great way to use the side of a refrigerator!

Two-level spice storage! This works because the drawers have 7-1/2"-high faces. As a result, the taller spice bottles still have room to fit.

This setup gives two different depths for use!

A pullout spice rack fits neatly by the range!
Miscellaneous Storage Solutions.
Pullout chop block and knife drawer
Butcher block locks in place with drawer suspended below, attached to same.
Kinfe drawer is above DishDrawer DW!
Knife drawer is above a DishDrawer dishwasher!

Magnetic door panel
Sometimes, the kitchen even stores photos. Where do you put all those pictures on the refrigerator when there are wood panels covering it?

The paper towel roll is hidden but accessible!

A toaster drawer with a dish drawer next to it.
French Elegance Feature
A tilt-down desk with a file drawer below.
Bain Marie utensil storage
A bain marie recessed into the counter for utensil storage.

Photograph by Laurie Black; Reprinted with permission of Meredith Corporation. 
ęCopyright 2008 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

Mixer shelf that swings up and locks in place!

A snack drawer pulls out above the oven--out of the reach of little nibblers!

This couple collects mugs made by artists who reside in the areas they visit.

This counter pulls out & locks in place.
Pantry Solutions.

An easily built, highly functional pantry!
French Elegance Feature
A freezer is built into an armoire/pantry in an entry hall
that the owner passes through, when coming in from the garage.

Pantry in a closet!

Another pantry in a closet!
Final Thoughts.
Extra-large custom double sink with drainboard!
Storage capacity is also affected by depth of counters. The sliding door cabinet holds mugs and spices.

30"-deep counters create room for a custom stainless steel double sink with  a drainboard and the right bowl 14" x 22" in a 30"-wide cabinet!

Bathrooms need storage too!
This kitchen has a unique hood, designed by Richard. It is concealed when not in use, then pulls out when needed--all the way to the front of the cooktop!

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