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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ The sink was in front of a window that looked directly into the neighbor's home.
~ The tile counters were old and cracked.
~ There was a "cobbled together" coffee station in the location where the refrigerator formerly sat. (That was moved out into the room because it so blocked the entry into the kitchen.
~ Three doors met at the corner of the kitchen. (One is shown to the right of the coffee station.)
~ Ventilation was inadequate for their internationally inspired cooking.
Wish List
~ Use the tiles we purchased years ago on a vacation.
~ Work in a Lacanche range.
~ "Can you do something about three doors meeting at the same corner?"
~ Keep an eating nook.
~ Connect us to the dining room, if possible.
The kitchen features a Lacanche range!
Solution & Gains
~ Landon recommended placing the Lacanche between the two existing windows and adding a "13 Coins"-style canopy for ventilation. By extending the canopy past the face of the Lacanche, odors and vapors are removed.
~ Removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room added over 5" of usable floor space. This permitted usable cabinets with virtually no loss of floor space in the dining room. The glass-paned, divider-light cabinet doors add a touch of formality.
~ Guests now stand at the raised counter and visit with their friends.
~ By using 30"-deep counters, wall cabinets could be eliminated on almost all of the kitchen--with no loss of storage--so much more fits in the base cabinets!
~ The extra-deep counters also worked better for the Lacanche. 
~ 7-1/2"-high top drawers work better for storage and for presenting the 9-piece, recessed panel drawer fronts.
~ Traffic patterns work much better without that third door.
Lacanche range
The inside of the ventilation canopy is tiled. It extends out into the room past the front of the Lacanche for better extraction of odors.
Trash Pullout

Spice pullout
Note the beaten copper sink with a pullout and trash bin pullout.
The pullout spice rack keeps them handy!
Coffee Center
By using a crown backer between the cabinets and the crown itself, we were able to conceal badly out-of-level floors.

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