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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ The kitchen was one leg of an ell-shaped space and was completely cut off from the adjacent sitting room.
~ The floor was cheap 60's vinyl.
~ For avid cooks, there was little counterspace for prep work.
~ Storage was obviously lacking... 
Wish List
~ More counter!
~ Combine the kitchen and sitting room into one family space.
~ More storage! More storage! Especially specialized storage.
~ Formality appropriate to the home's style.

Solution & Gains
~ Landon removed all walls between the kitchen and sitting room, adding beams to carry the upstairs loads.
~ The client went appliance shopping and selected a Lacanche range, Sub-Zero 48"-wide refrigerator, multiple ovens,
~ Counters mix marble, walnut, maple, and an onyx bar. The onyx is lit underneath.
~ Cabinets are inset flush.
~ Note the crown detail..

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