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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ This 3-bedroom rambler was located tightly on its forrested lot with no room for expansion.
~ The City of Bellevue would not even allow us to bump out the walls to the brick posts that supported the roof!
~ The wish list was simple. "We want a master suite." The only place to go was up!
Phantom Lake Rambler
~ A dramatic contemporary home emerged!
~The clerestory windows will give the home an abundance of daylight without needing to keep skylights clean.
~ Because the site is elevated, we could put a slight slope to the membrane roof which will aid in debris washing off.
~ The angled "struts" are actually oversized downspouts with cleanouts at the bottom.
~ There will be spigots on each level of the roof, toward the rear, so the owner can hose down the roof, as well.
Phantom Lake Rambler After
~ The home lacked street appeal. The deeply recessed front door and oversized garage windows imbalanced the exterior. The garage door was out of character.
Contemporary BeforeBEFORE
~ This home had a garage roof dominating the facade that greatly diminished the contemporary feel of the home.
~ The balcony created a confusing array of shapes on what should be a cleaner presentation.
~ The guard rails were obvious visually and attracted too much attention.
~ By bumping out the master closet upstairs above the garage, the roof pitch was shortened.
~ Rectangular windows were added which relate to the tower's windows.
~ The balcony was enclosed and the master bath gained a tub alcove.
~ The guard rail was changed to glass with a powder-coated rail in the same color as the home's body.
~ The powder room gained a window!
    Contemporary Master Bath
~ This Houghton view home's site was below street level. The angle below shows how the roof was the most prominent feature!
~ The entry lacked street appeal, to say the least.

~ The entry commands attention. 

Digital "Doll Houses"
~ The advantage of building 3D models of your home plans is obvious!
~ We can show you the exterior and interior of your home from any spot you want to stand--or float above it!
~ Here's a view of the interior, looking out the windows and towards the home's water views. These are the actual views the owner will see.

~ The rear of the home had quite uninspiring decks.
~ The decks were disconnected from each other and from the backyard.
~ There is an outdoor kitchen/grilling deck.
~ A lower lever eating deck that is also off the master bedroom.
~ The upper deck is heated and curtains can be dropped during inclement weather.

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