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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel

~ The plan for this new contemporary home on Holmes Point was uninspiring.
~ Windows looked out, but not up to the treetops, and they cut up the wall into sections with no sense of connection.
~ Cabinets dominated the wall.

~ The kitchen was quite visible from the surrounding room and upstairs.
~ A staircase ascended in one straight line of 17 risers...
Wish List
~ "What can we do to give this some personality and work with the site."
~ How should we handle the supporting post?

Solution & Gains
~ Horizontal windows above the cabinets connect the kitchen to the treetops!
~ Note how the horizontal lines are continued in the wall cabinets and the accent tiles in the backsplash.
~ Landon recommended rebuilding the stairs to create a landing. Plus, the angularity adds interest.

~ Next, he created two pillar-like elements to frame the kitchen from the other rooms, thereby handling the supporting post.
~ A scullery (a working pantry) made room for a freezer and the double ovens. When entertaining, all the mess  hides in here!
~  The raised cabinet at the end of the island subtly separates the kitchen from the surrounding spaces; it also provides a comfortable counter around which guests can gather and chat, drinking wine. Note the wine refrigeraton at the far end of the island.

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